Friday, January 05, 2007

Update on the Memorial

picture 560

You may recall I posted a shot of the Guadalupe County Veterans Memorial November 8. Well, every time I drive by, it appears that they have added another component to it. I thought it was completed already! Personally, I liked it as it was on Nov. 8. It seems a bit busy now though I do like the eagle. What do you think?


photowannabe said...

I like it. I guess they have to give equal time to all the branches of service.
I'll bet you could get a super closeup of the eagle.

Carla Dallas said...

I didn't see it before but I like it ok, a little on the safe side. I think it will last through the ages that way, not trendy, etc.

Also, I enjoy your blog, keep it up! I check daily!!

Thiên said...

Thanks you guys for visiting my blog!