Friday, April 29, 2011

Trade Days on the Square Saturday April 30

Specialty Honey

Quick post before bed. Gretchen Bee Ranch will be in booths 36 and 37 tomorrow; that's behind the courthouse on the square (near the gazebo). Come on down for Trade Days and visit us! Please. :-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gardening, Bees and Jets

Baby squash

Still no rain this month. I don't even remember the last time we got a decent rain. Please, please rain soon. In between everything else we've had going on in life, I did manage to clean up three sections of our garden. It had really gone to the weeds since we had no time for a garden last year, nor did we manage the space at all. Oh well, there are six tomato plants, a ton of Asian long beans, one surviving egg plant, two yellow squash and two zucchini plants - let's see who makes it this long hot season. I can tell it's going to be a tough summer because we are only in April and it's already been in the 90s. Not unbearably humid YET. But it's coming.

And here is a beautiful sky shot (missed my Sky Watch Friday post) from one of our bee yards which is now located where the Schulz Nursery on Highway 123 was, ever so briefly. Pedro, who owns My Father's Farm, relocated there and we moved our bees from his first farm location to this one. It's an organic farm operation. These jets flew by for a while. I think there were five or six fly-bys and I think they were all different planes but I could be wrong on that so don't quote me.

Bee yards 22April2011 29

Monday, April 18, 2011

Butterflies and Thistle

Thistle & butterflies 2

This one if for Alan. :-) Thistle is here and so are the butterflies. We saw these along Big Oaks Road south of town a bit when we went to check on the bees out there. So many black butterflies everywhere - it was amazing! We had too many bee yards to check on so no time to get out of the truck. I got a few shots of the activity. We were wondering if these butterflies were competition for our bees as they all searched out nectar in this dry spring. The butterflies must be winning or the bees must not yet want thistle in their diet because we saw not one bee on the purple blooms.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wildflowers in a Drought

Wildflowers for the Shoot

This spring is nothing like last year's spring, that's for sure. Last year we had abundant rain. This year? Dry, dry, dry. And more dry. We need rain! And yet we still are able to see and enjoy some beautiful wildflowers. I know it's nothing like in the years we have rain, but I'd say we're lucky we have what we do! This is a variety that Mark picked from one of our bee yards for a photo shoot for our honey products. I just LOVE all the colors and how different each kind of flower is. The color, shape and scent of each is amazing. This is what goes into our honey that is being made by our bees. I love it.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Rain, Rain - Come Our Way

Surveying the back yard & sprinkler

Warmer, dryer weather means it's time to get to watering of the plants and grass. This is one of Smokey's favorite pastimes - watching the watering of anything in the yard. He is fascinated with sprinklers and loves to be just out of reach of the water. Here he is watching as I prepare the tractor, which I love to watch also, as it winds its way around the yard, aided only by the water pressure.

On a less funny note, we went on record for one of the driest month of March in history. Not good. We sure need some rain!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Mom's Plumeria

Yellow Plumeria

When I miss my mom a lot, I like to look at things that are hers or remind me of her. There are special pictures I like to revisit of her garden, her flowers, her scrumptious, edible works of art.This Plumeria is so beautiful and she has several in her Florida yard. It's perfect weather there for these. She has yellow and pink and one visit, she sent home a couple of cuttings for us. They did well for a couple of years until a hard freeze killed them, sadly. Anyway, if I want to see the most beautiful ones, I know where to go.

My mom had a bit of a health scare this week and she's on my mind and in my heart. But I think of her and my dad constantly and I have them in my heart always.