Monday, April 18, 2011

Butterflies and Thistle

Thistle & butterflies 2

This one if for Alan. :-) Thistle is here and so are the butterflies. We saw these along Big Oaks Road south of town a bit when we went to check on the bees out there. So many black butterflies everywhere - it was amazing! We had too many bee yards to check on so no time to get out of the truck. I got a few shots of the activity. We were wondering if these butterflies were competition for our bees as they all searched out nectar in this dry spring. The butterflies must be winning or the bees must not yet want thistle in their diet because we saw not one bee on the purple blooms.


Samantha said...

This season had bring many beautiful things. We can appreciate beautiful view of places if it is associated by brilliant weather. Expressing my appreciation for effort and information. Thanks. Keep sharing!

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AlanDP said...


AlanDP said...

This isn't a photo, but an audio recording, but I thought you might still be interested.