Monday, April 04, 2011

Rain, Rain - Come Our Way

Surveying the back yard & sprinkler

Warmer, dryer weather means it's time to get to watering of the plants and grass. This is one of Smokey's favorite pastimes - watching the watering of anything in the yard. He is fascinated with sprinklers and loves to be just out of reach of the water. Here he is watching as I prepare the tractor, which I love to watch also, as it winds its way around the yard, aided only by the water pressure.

On a less funny note, we went on record for one of the driest month of March in history. Not good. We sure need some rain!

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Mattexian said...

March was pretty dry for us too, then last Saturday morning, as I got to work at 4AM, WHOOSH! Down came all the rain, soaking me and several coworkers, and some more rain yesterday after lunch as the cold front came thru.

Our cats tend to be disinterested watchers during the afternoon hours, until feeding time around sunset.