Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wildflowers in a Drought

Wildflowers for the Shoot

This spring is nothing like last year's spring, that's for sure. Last year we had abundant rain. This year? Dry, dry, dry. And more dry. We need rain! And yet we still are able to see and enjoy some beautiful wildflowers. I know it's nothing like in the years we have rain, but I'd say we're lucky we have what we do! This is a variety that Mark picked from one of our bee yards for a photo shoot for our honey products. I just LOVE all the colors and how different each kind of flower is. The color, shape and scent of each is amazing. This is what goes into our honey that is being made by our bees. I love it.


AlanDP said...

I saw quite a lot of horsemint in a field in La Vernia last week. Haven't seen any of those purple thistles yet.

Rizwan ali said...

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