Monday, April 30, 2007

Yellow Wildflower

Mar07 166

Bluebonnets often get the most attention in terms of wildflowers here in Texas. However, we have plenty of other gorgeous flowers to enjoy thanks to all the rain we have been getting! Now that the blue has faded away, I see a lot of yellow flowers along the highways and in the most unexpected places. I snatched these from a parking lot curb! I don't have my wildflowers guidebook with me so I don't know the name of these. I will add the name when I find it. Have a good evening everyone.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Green Gate Nursery Greeter

Green Gate Greeter

Yesterday we stopped by Green Gate Nursery on Highway 123 near the Wal-Mart. Green Gate is a wonderful place to go when you need plants or trees or soil of some sort. I also like getting mulch there. This colorful birdy was watching the store when I noticed him from the checkout counter. I went over to snap a shot of course. The staff was a little busy so I didn't ask any what's-the-story-with-this-bird questions I wanted to but I will next time I go.

We selected a beautiful white mandevilla, which was being nicely trained on an inverted u-shape bamboo form. The lady helping us wrapped the pot very nicely in a somewhat burnt orange (Go Longhorns, we were going to Austin afterall) and a white/orange bow. I highly recommend the nursery if you are looking for a good shopping experience.

As an aside, I also love going to the Schulz nursery in Marion. They are also a great staff and they have a great selection that different than Green Gate so it's worth visiting both. I saw there was a new gardening business off Kingsbury so I will give them a visit the next day I have off for landscaping duty.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Misty days in Seguin

Raindrops on cactus

We have had good rain in South Texas lately. Which is very nice, especially once summer rolls into fall b/c it might not rain for 2 months straight, as it can do sometimes here.

I have been enjoying the misty days the past several days. The yards are all so green and trees are budding, many have full leaves now and blooms of all sorts are popping up everywhere. This is one of two blooms coming out on a cactus in the backyard.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I ran to the store the other day and as I left, I was struck by the image of so many Our Lady of Guadalupe figures, arranged like an army marching out. I liked it for some reason. I love the colors. People like to decorate their yards here in South Texas. And I have seen many Lady statutes around Seguin. She is rather tall, the statute, as you can see if you notice a customer lurking in the background. Maybe she bought one, I didn't stay to find out.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lonely Kitty

Picture 282

I know this is not a problem unique to Seguin, but I am worried about the number of cats we have running around. They are everywhere. My little Smokey does run around outside but at least he has a home and he usually sticks around the house within a house or two.

Everywhere I walk or drive, I see so many homeless cats. Even at Starcke Park, there are always at least 3 or 4 that we see. My husband use to work for the City of Seguin and at one time early last year, he said there was a family of 14!! They just kept having babies. And people would just come and leave out food and water.

This cat was one of at least 3 grown cats that I saw in a vacant lot. She was not too frightened of me and let me photograph her but she didn't let me too near. All 3 were very curious about us and why we were there.