Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rainbow Prettiness

Darkened for affect

Two weeks ago, we got about an inch of wonderful rain. Then, last week we got another inch and a half! Gosh, it was so refreshing to hear and see the storms. Lightening, thunder, rain, wind. Nice. I wish we could see more of it. The news folks just said we have had 22 days of 100+ days this year now, with more in the forecast. Hot is one thing. It's Texas. It's hot. But the drought is really terrible. The fields continue to look pretty bad and I often wonder how the poor farming folks are going to make it.

One evening after dinner, Mark called me out to the back deck to see something and this is what I saw. It was nice that he hollered bring the camera also. :) He knows a good shot when he sees one. Do you see the lighter rainbow above the main one? Double rainbow...very nice and not often seen. I did darken this shot so that I could see the rainbows better. Below is the original shot I snapped.



C and C Mommy said...

very cool!!

I wish that God would send us more rain....soon!!

Karen said...

Great capture of the double rainbow !!

Everything is drying out here and we have high fire danger alerts, so I'd love to see some rain ... and rainbows!!

Babooshka said...

That's a really beauty.

Tuano said...

Hey Sis,
I like the darkened shot. It brings out a lot of colors. Rainbows are all about colors, aren't they? Beautifullly done!
anh hai

Louis la Vache said...

Fantastic rainbow shot. Rainbows can be elusive to capture with the lens...