Saturday, June 12, 2010



Hi everyone. As you can tell, we've been busy. Honey harvesting is in full motion right now and with my work, we've been neglecting our beautiful peach tree! I guess everything just comes to you when you least expect it. This tree hardly ever bears fruit for us in the past years, though we enjoyed a few here and there. Well look at it now! Not only have we been blessed with over a ton of honey (and they're still making more) but we've also got so many peaches, we can't get to them fast enough!

Butterfly on peach


Lynette said...

Plenty to be shared, and they certainly are beautiful, too.

Paul said...

I love peaches, but I guess I would be happy to spare one for this beautiful butterfly.
Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

Thiên said...

Yes, I sure didn't mind sharing. But that is a BIG bite out of that peach!