Monday, September 05, 2011

Rain Gutters & a Dove's Nest

bady doves nest 1 
You never know when we'll get rain but you do know you want to be prepared. We've neglected the gutters for a while now so Mark took advantage of the 80-something degree weather to clean them out and guess what he found!?! Dove's nest! The mama flew off and managed to avoid Smokey's clutches (thankfully). I did yell at Smoke and throw sticks at him to distract him from hunting the poor mama dove. :-( I was just wondering the other day where this shell came from and what came out of it. Now I know. 

  dove egg on ground


Rodney Orton said...

Wow! You’ve got a lot of trash there. You should clean that right away before the rain comes. Anyway, if you want to avoid having mess like that in your gutter, you can put a gutter guard. Gutter guards filter any debris coming from the roof. So if you want a clean gutter day in, day out, install a gutter guard.

*Rodney Orton

Rufusmcclure said...

The sight of a bird’s nest in the gutter is so cute, but definitely not good. Never neglect a clogged gutter because it can be the primary cause of a flooded basement and a damaged home foundation.

- Rufus Mcclure

Max Boughner said...

Good thing you decided to clean out your rain gutter before the rainy season. Otherwise, you might experience inconvenience from your clogged gutters, which can even harm your roof’s insulation. Anyway, I hope that the mama dove found someplace else to live.

Max Boughner

Rolf said...

You’re right, Rufus and Max. Clogged gutters may seem to be a light roofing problem, but it can badly affect everything about your home foundation. Since clogged gutters results to water leakage, it may lead to water-related problems such as flooding – a great reason to structural damage.

Rolf Matchen

William Gulliver said...

This reminds me of what happened to us last summer. We were cleaning our entire house, including the roof where we found a nest with three eggs. We were not sure what kind of birds they were because the mother cannot be found anywhere. Anyway, we still cleaned out the rest of the gutter and I decided to put the nest back for another day, in case the mother comes back. She did eventually and when I went up to take the nest, they were already gone. =)

William Gulliver

Willene Fagen said...

Woah, to have a nest there only means that you must’ve really neglected to check your gutters. Your gutters are there to direct the flow of water from the roof to the ground so that it won’t damage the roof and cause leaks. Poor mama bird :( She has to look for a new place to make her nest, but your house comes first. You don’t want a leaky house don’t you?

Willene Fagen

Anne said...

Awww... that is just too cute! I would probably ask the team from Gutter Cleaning Texas not to clean my gutter yet so as to not disturb that dove. :)

Kaieza Damien said...

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