Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Breaks

Bee on Bluebonnet 3
Happy Spring Break, everyone! Seems like the whole state is on break this week. The work parking lot is mostly empty. Makes me just want to skip work and take pictures of all the blooming loveliness about town. I snapped this beauty out at the nearby My Father's Farm nursery on Highway 123 close to our house, which is very near the center of town. I always wonder if people realize there are over thirty bee hives on that nursery property. They are doing quite well out there between the abundant wild mustard blooms and now all sorts of different wildflowers are coming out. Very lovely to see.

1 comment:

Woody said...

Probably nothing in Texas is more photographed than bluebonnets. LOL.

Well, maybe the Alamo, with all those tourists coming year round. Maybe.

But I love your fresh and personal take on the subject, giving your honeybee a co-starring role in the picture.