Sunday, April 08, 2012

Did You Have a Nice Easter?

Easter Egg Hunt 2012
I hope so! Bonus for you! I am getting in a SECOND post in one day. Normally I don't have time to ride around and spot events and such for the blog. Working two jobs is getting in the way of photoblogging. :) So I'm tickled I actually got three different opportunities for cool shots. I want to share this one since it's specific to Easter. We were driving to church and saw this great scene at Emanuel's Lutheran Church around the corner from our house. Loved it. Reminds me of the egg hunts we used to have when the kids were younger and when my nieces and nephew came to visit one year from the East Coast. Fun. Easter Bunny still visits me and Mark as well. Really. Yuummy. Easter Basket 3
Updated 7/31/13: Thanks to Woody for catching the church name, which I originally mistakenly put at Faith Lutheran, which for some reason, I often do.

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Woody said...

Fun pix of the kids in front of Emanuel's Lutheran Church in downtown Seguin.

That is Emanuel's Lutheran, not Faith, which is out on Cedar St past the High School and nowhere near your house. LOL.

Sorry to nitpick, but I'm a little compulsive about things like this. Maybe you can fix your caption and delete this comment?

Enjoying going thru the nice photographs on your blog, with a touch of nostalgia for my old hometown.