Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Able Cable Man

Able Cable Guy
We live in the middle of town, which is so nice because we can get anywhere in town within five to seven minutes usually. We've enjoyed that and it makes it easy for people to find us - service folks, beekeeping student, honey customers, friends. Speaking of friends, we are fast becoming best buds with the technicians of Time Warner. I am not going to bother going back through my calendar or my files to see how many times they've been called or have made visits to my house to fix things that we have bundled together like many other fine citizens in this country. The last time they were out here (March of this year), I got THREE technicians. Yes, three. The main guy in training, the trainer and then a third man who happened to be in the area and thought he'd see how things were going and if assistance was needed. I recall the main man told me he felt I wouldn't need to have another call with TWC in response to my question about how to do a reboot of the system next time. haha...poor man. Guess he was idealistic as a new employee. Lo and behold, here we were in June and another call. Actually, this man came to run new wiring in the attic AFTER the last man fixed our internet issue (new router needed which the Three Amigos should have seen and done) and troubleshot our TV A/V issue. Note he's got that wire thing on our hardwood floor and it was moving around and making me nervous about scratches so I put a towel under it. Sigh. I was also told they don't typically schedule their technicians to work in attics except in the mornings as they don't want them to overheat. So I waited for Tech 1 but he was injured and couldn't make it and so we rescheduled and this is Tech 2, who was very nice and seemed to know what he was doing but had to do it in the 3-5pm window. I asked him about that and he replied he'd heard the company talk about Texas heat safety but they just kept scheduling him to go into attics all hours of the day. Poor techs. I was disappointed to hear that as it goes to show corporations say one thing and do another everywhere. But that's an entirely different post. Long story short to say getting service on things you pay for can be really challenging. It's like insurance. You pay for the coverage/service and then when you really need it, you have to jump through a lot of hoops and be really persistent to get what you need. What should be done already and done right. The first time. Not the seventh time. Why is it so hard to find people who care about what they do...whether it's bagging groceries (I need to post on that!!) or getting me in to see my doctor without a two hour wait?

And on that note, I leave you with the parking genius of the day. We see lots of them on our street and it's one thing we won't miss when we move out from the middle of town a bit - bad parking. Actually, I don't know if you call it bad parking or simply total lack of consideration and total self absortption. I think a lot of bad things stem mainly from people not caring about anyone else. Check out the second vehicle - it's a FedEx van. Yes, he stopped right there. Parked. Rummaged around the van for some time (perhaps ten minutes)and then finally took a package to the house NEXT to us. Wow. I wouldn't dream of just parking it in the CENTER of the small, busy street. Today's Bad Parking Winner #2

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