Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cup of Joe

picture 078

This is our only "real" coffeehouse in town. I really enjoy it and was so glad that we finally got our own place in town. It's on the square and there is a good selection of coffees, cold beverages and snacks. Last time I was there, there were also 2 computers with net access. Don't know if they have wireless yet. I'll check it out soon.

A lot of the downtown storefront properties seem to be owned by the Vivroux family (big name in town). I notice most of the buildings have two stories and the top floors are often not in use. I don't know if it's storage areas or what. It'd be cool to convert those into downtown apartments down on the square.


Anonymous said...

This is such a cool looking building. Now you have your own coffeehouse, it won't be long before Starbucks comes to town.

Annie said...

I hope Starbucks never comes and that you always have your very own home-brand coffee place. Much nicer, much more real.

Thiên said...

Thanks for visiting Ann and Robert. I am surprised actually that Starbucks has not invaded us yet! With 25,000 people in town, I think we're ripe for picking. Speaking of the Big S, I just saw another one being built about four blocks from where I work in San Antonio.