Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Year Money

Picture 187

For Lunar New Year, I like to give unusual currency for fun. We don't typically spend what we give each other. We like to keep it as a momento. I liked the $2 bills from my sister but I was so excited when I saw they had introduced a new dollar coin. I love coins and these have a wonderful feel to them. I'm going really try and circulate a ton.


photowannabe said...

Great shot of the money. I haven't seen the new dollar yet. It looks pretty cool.

Olivier said...

la piece de 1$ est tres belle. j'espere qu'on la trouve facilement. Avant je cherchais les grosses pieces de 1$ et j'en ai jamais trouve pendant mes voyages à NYC.

the part of 1$ is very beautiful. I hope that it easily is found. Before I sought the large parts of 1$ and I never have some finds during my voyages with NYC.