Monday, March 19, 2007

Amy & Kathy's

Picture 213

I don't get to lunch in town often so I always enjoy going local when I get a chance. My friend took me here and it was very nice. Had their shrimp & avocado cocktail and a panini sandwich. Very tasty and the price is not bad. I like the location of the sandwich shop --- on the square downtown. So if you're on jury duty, this is a great place to check out and then you can grab a cup of joe at Chiro Java along the same block.


photowannabe said...

Little local sandwich shops are the greatest. I love the small town ambiance.

Annie said...

Were you on jury duty? If so, I hope you had a fascinating time of it.

WebOJ said...

Why are those two holding their mouths? Was the food that bad? Lol!

Tell us more about your jury duty. A pic of the judge would be great! ;-)

Thiên said...

Maybe they were pondering their verdict? :)

If I get called again for jury duty, I will see if a photo of the judge is permissable. You never know. I automatically take out my camera and sometimes later see a sign that says no photography.