Monday, May 14, 2007

Seguin Water Tower

Seguin Water Tower

I was driving by the Library a while ago and noticed a funny thing happening with the water tower behind the Public Library. Looks like they are doing some work on the tower. This made me think the tower had a "hat" on. I am not sure what the setup is but it looked neat. I tried to get a good shot of the tower but it's hard. Didn't want to get too close so b/c you can't see the top well. I shall go back by there and see what progress has been made.

Sorry for the lack of postings. However, I hope to be working in Seguin very soon so that means no more commute to San Antonio. Which means, possibly, more time to post. Of course, I have a whole list of things to do to catch up around the house and town so give me a bit of time to do all this.


Moi said...

hehe, it sure does seem to have acquired a hat!!!

photowannabe said...

The tower has a sun visor on so it doesn't have to squint so much.
Hope your job transfer works out and you can enjoy your home surroundings more.

Shorty said...

us poor souls in sa in will miss, but we are ever so happy for you, and now i reckon we will really get to know seguin.

Shorty said...

Check it out sa water tower. This one looks a bit like a crown.

Thiên said...

Hey Shorty, that SA tower reminded me of a spin top. ;)