Monday, October 29, 2007

Lights, camera, action!

Seguin at night

We don't know what they were "shooting" -- couldn't decide if it was a movie, commercial or print shoot. It's not everyday you see the Texas Theatre lit up so we drove by twice (thank you honey) so I can see what was the best shot. I mainly wanted to get the theatre lights. There were several trailers, trucks and other vehicles. Not to mention tons of equipment and people working in the dark.


Annie said...

I bet you felt the excitement of the shoot. Did you consider going up and asking if they needed someone in the background? You could be famous!

Jim said...

Now you will have to pay attention to the commercials on TV. I like that Texas sign.

WebOJ said...

Imagine if you missed Brad Pitt by a few inches!!! Sigh!!

Michael Cary said...

Good afternoon. I am a reporter for the Seguin Gazette Enterprise. We have been visiting your photo blog for some time now. I think you would make a great personality profile for our newspaper. Please get in touch with me at the newspaper if you are interested.

Thiên said...

Well, that would have made me annoyed if I missed a shot of a celebrity. Not b/c I'm a Brad fan but only b/c it would be a great addition to the blog. ;)

And to Michael Cary, thanks for your interest! I didn't realize the paper did personality profiles.

Shorty said...

I think you would make a great personality anywhere T. and I love this shot, I like the way it makes me feel as if I got an insiders look and lately I've been looking at neon signs or just any signs with a different kind of eye.

Woody said...

Shorty, "Look at just any signs with a different kind of eye" as you say, because this one is NOT neon.

It is, in fact, one of the finest survivors around of a type of signage that was pushed out of the market by neon.

In the TEXAS sign here, the big letters and the flashing star on top are comprised of individual light bulb. They are surrounded by a ribbon of lights, originally controlled by switches (Wow! this done decades before computers!) to chase around the edge of the sign. The sign uses over 600 individual bulbs!

The sign alone is landmark quality, and then, have you seen the building's interior?!

Thien has done a very nice job of photographing this gem of a theatre over the years, while the Seguin Conservation Society worked to restore its glory.