Friday, October 26, 2007

Pecan Fest

Pecans ripening

It's time I gave blogging here another go at it now that things have settled down a bit for me and I'm not traveling as much. Here in Seguin, it's fall and the weather is actually acting like fall would act elsewhere in the states. :)

This weekend is our Pecan Fest so in honor of that, I'm posting this picture. I'll try to catch some of the activities this weekend. Our crop is fantastic this year. There are pecans galore all over town and they taste GREAT. We have two pecan trees only and we can hardly keep up picking them up. Mark is shelling them. And when you drive around town, you have to be very careful of pedestrians b/c everyone is out and about picking up pecans wherever there's a tree nearby! Even if it means along the side of the road!


Jim said...

I wish I could keep people from picking the pecans out of my yard.

Annie said...

What a pretty look at these nuts. You must have been up in the tree with your camera.

Thiên said...

Actually, we have received so much rain this year that the limbs are heavy with the crop so even little ol' me had a nice closeup shot right at my height!

Shorty said...

We used to have pecan trees in my grandfather's yard too. He used to go out there and whack it with a big long pole and the pecans would come raining down. I really didn't like those fuzzy white caterpillars though that hung out all about them, especially when they fell on me.