Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bill Miller Pies

Thanksgiving pies @ Bill Miller

Yesterday a big group of us from work met at Bill Miller in order to celebrate a friend's birthday (yay Terry!). It's located along Interstate 10 and should be seeing a lot of business from all the workers building the Caterpillar site.

I noticed all the activity in the back room and watched several workers getting pies into pie boxes and found it fascinating. They were moving pretty fast - I would have worried about dropping pies. I am getting clumsier by the year it seems. lol. Anyway, there were all sorts of pies ready to go for ordering in, taking out for now and taking out for Thanksgiving! I opted for vegetable beef soup (very yummy) and a baked potato. For Mark, I took soup and a peach cobbler to go.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break with family and friends. May it be filled with love and happiness as we are blessed with so much to be grateful for in our lives.


Louis la Vache said...

What?! All those pies and you didn't e-mail one to «Louis»?!

chief said...

Looking for small mom and pop places to eat lunch/dinner next any recommendations? I'll be visiting Seguin late next week for a couple of days...need to eat!