Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm back!

I hope everyone's had a nice Christmas holiday so far and that you have a great new year coming up soon. Be safe!

These are some snowflakes I quilled out of paper I had. Then they were glued to card stock and crafted into a little card for friends and family. Yay! I finally ventured beyond Valentine's hearts like I normally make for folks! :-)

I've been having some technical issues these past couple of weeks. Well, quite a few actually, so that's why I have not posted. Hopefully I am on the mend though I seem to be pushing my luck tonight since this post is not looking quite like I planned. So I will say goodnight for now. It's nice to back though.


Anonymous said...

i love your snowflakes. I plan to learn how to quill this coming year so as to add to my cards and scrapbook pages. They are very pretty! I love the blue paper!


Thiên said...

Hi Robin, thanks! Let me know how you like the quilling. I enjoy it tremendously. :-)