Thursday, December 03, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Beeyard at My Father's Farm

Good morning, everyone! What a wonderful Friday it's going to be for me. I am on VACATION today! Though I'm not traveling anywhere, I have a packed day and a busy weekend lined up for myself and I'm looking foward to some Thien time.

It's pretty cold outside and we wait expectantly for some white fluff to fall from the sky. I so miss seeing snow but I'm not going to hold my breath today. I'm just happy it's cold. I can't really get into the holidays if it's 80 degrees! :-)

This is my Skywatch shot for this week. This is off FM 775 on the outskirts of Seguin at My Father's Farm, which is a farm growing all sorts of organic veggies they take to local markets. (That's a separate post for sure.) This is the bees' new home and in the shot, Mark and our friend's son, Chris, are unloading the ten heavy hives and placing them on their stands. Here's a shot of them placed -

Beeyard at My Father's Farm

As some of you know, we recently drove to Mississippi to pick up some bees from JN Russell of Russell Apiaries. Very fun time - roadtrips with Mark are awesome! Snacks, laughs and lots o' bees. But NO stings! Yay!

Check out the other Skywatchers also! Great shots this week.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Winter sky and hooray for Beekeeping and for Bees!
We have fewer citrus groves here in So Cal and so fewer Bees than we once had.

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

I love and miss your Texas sky. Enjoy your weekend time off !

AlanDP said...

Great shots. This is the best time of year for such work, it can be brutal in the summer heat. Also the bees are in their winter torpor and are less likely to get agitated.

You're very fortunate that you have a place like that where you can have that many hives in one place. It's hard to get good spots like that around here where there's enough food for that many bees.

Kakinan said...

This looks like a great adventure. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a good holiday.

Alex's World! -

Thiên said...

Thank you, everyone. It is very good to have a lot of space to work with in this yard. It is on some property owned by a farmer who would like to benefit from the bees' busy pollinating work.