Wednesday, September 15, 2010

US Postal Service

Box of Zia queens

This shout out is for our friend Jim, who works for the US Postal Service here in town. He was so kind and kept an eye out for our special delivery of queen bees that came shipped through the mail. Did you know you can do that? Before I learned these beekeeping things from Mark, I never even thought about how beekeepers get their supplies. And then I learned that you can order and receive equipment AND live bees in your mailbox! Or sometimes they may call you to come and pick up your package. :-) Must be something to process livestock in the mailroom. Can you imagine the buzzing?? lol

This is our box of twenty queen bees from Zia out of New Mexico. The free-flying bees are attendant bees who are tasked with tending to the queens' needs. Beekeeping is so cool!

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Mattexian said...

I used to be a nightwatchman at a hotel, and one time there was a flatbed semi there with a huge beehive that was being moved, colony and all. I recall there being a layer of bees on the outside of the screens as they spent the night, so I kept a safe distance from it, lest they decide I was too close.