Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bailey's on Court Street

Bailey's on Court St. front 1

I am determined to get this posted! I have been wanting to tell you all about Bailey's since we went last week for the first time. In our town of about 26,000 people, we have a decent selection of food options, compared to other comparable towns. Average, I'd say. It's always nice when a local eatery opens rather than your typical chain places. And while I LOVE all our Mexican food restaurants, it is nice to have other options as well. We met a marketing items sales person at Bailey's for lunch - we want to get some snazzy bags for our honey sales. Anyway, the converted building looked great inside and the food was very good - we'll need to go back so I can try the chicken salad. Mark had it and said it was GOOD. My lemonade was very good (hard to find) and my Veggie Delight on shortbread was very light yet filling. You get a lot. I wish it had just a little more flavor but I'd still recommend it. I love veggie sandwiches sometimes.

Veggie Delight & Chicken Salad

The seating is limited and a bit on the tight side, but they do have two tables outside on the back porch, which is under some huge oaks - so go early and grab one of those great tables so you can enjoy your food outside since our weather's been so awesome lately. There's also a little gift shop inside so check it out. I saw several things that were reasonably priced that'd make nice little Christmas gifts. You know what that means - another trip back to Bailey's for sure.

Bailey's on Court St. inside front room


Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

This sequence of photos of Bailey's may entice me to drive over to Seguin. It isn't far from Bastrop & it would be a nice outing. The G-man & I love to find "trendy little restaurants" and I'd be fascinated by the shop.

Thiên said...

Be sure to also check out Gift & Gourmet while you're in town. They're on Austin Street and worth a visit. Actually, there are several shops along Austin St. that'd be great to visit. And if you want fresh beeswax candles - email me!! :)

Thiên said...

I posted about Gift & Gourmet some time ago and LOVE that store! Click here to read.