Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Friday From the Llamas!

Neighbors for the bees

Have you seen a llama lately? Up close? I had not until last weekend when we went to visit our newest bee yard off Capote Road just outside the city limits a bit. It's so lovely out there that I can never turn down an opportunity to be out there now that my allergies are better. And I'm so glad I went because these two llamas were really making me laugh with their inquisitive nature. They were really fun and I'm glad they are the bees' new neighbors.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - enjoy the gorgeous weather if you're in the South Texas area. It's going to be another great weekend.


Court said...

I have a photo of those same llamas from wildflower season. They are quite the nosy ones, aren't they? They were cracking me up too!

Thiên said...

Yes, they sure are! lol