Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello All

4 silos & barn

Greetings, I'm back and so is Mark. Last week I had to go back to Virginia but this time it was awesome since Mark was able to go with me. It turns out he has been wanting to look for confirmation that Joe William's (Seguin's baseball Hall of Famer, 1999) grandfather, Calvin Williams, had once been a slave in nearby Orange, VA. It was about an hour's drive from where I was for work so it worked out great. Anyway, while we were there, look what we got to enjoy together!? SNOW. It was so awesome and not enough to make travel a truly huge ordeal - I was still able to get to work and Mark was still able to get over a mountain that separated Orange from Harrisonburg. So, we were thrilled to be there for the ocassion.

We're back in Seguin and I'm still a little weirded out by the drastic change in climate, to be honest with you. Today we were up in the lower 70s and had a lovely time out at one of our bee yards. I'd show you a shot of it but there's something funky going on with my laptop, which I unaffectionately call PC (you know, like in the Mac commercials) and I think my internet connectivity is spotty. Maybe it can't handle my large photo files. Who knows but your warm weather shot will have to wait. I'm off to figure out why I can't transfer files from my desktop to a thumb drive. PC, you gotta just love it or else you end up throwing it out the window.


Mattexian said...

I'm fairly relieved by the mild winter we're having overall ('cept for the bouts of freezing temps, thankfully no rain mixed in). The wild bees here are enjoying it too, between the yard full of dandelions and (I thought empty) soda cans in the recycling bin. (AFAIK there aren't any beekeepers near me, tho I could be wrong, I have seen the wild hive or two around town, but not recently.)

Mattexian said...

I shouldn't have spoke so soon, the forecast for us in a couple of days includes possible sleet!

Thiên said...

I learned a new acronym! AFAIK. :-) I have not used that one before, lol.

Oh yes, you spoke of a mild winter and BOOM - blizzard! Well, at least we get a bit of it here. Should be exciting, no?

Woody said...

Wait. How did Mark's trip go? Was he able to confirm the info about Smokey Joe Williams' grandfather"