Friday, January 21, 2011

Signs of Spring


Not that this is from this year's crop, but I love persimmon and I like to photograph them. Not sure if it's the sentimental since I typically only enjoy their deliciousness at Lunar New Year time (Tet in Viet Nam or Chinese New Year, as it is known to most). Anyway, today turned out to be a lovely day. Actually, beyond lovely - perfect. Yes, perfect. Nip in the air but a clear blue sky to enjoy. Plenty of sun.

We had a bit of rain lately and I'm hoping that means good things for spring blooms. Come on rain. We could use a little more and on a regular basis. Not asking too much, are we? :-)

This persimmon was on a little tree that was in a customer's yard when we went to deliver some honey. He has an orchard he's trying to bring back and I think that would be sooooo lovely! I'm excited at the thought of being surrounded by beautiful, orange persimmons to photograph!


Mattexian said...

I spotted a sure sign of Spring-- Cadbury Cream Eggs at HEB! :D

Thiên said...