Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring is Springing!

Redbud Spring 2011

Once I see these two sights, I KNOW spring is right around the corner for sure. The Redbud is about to burst with blooms this week and the mockingbirds have returned to their nest in the Crepe Myrtle. Plus I saw our third sign though I couldn't get a photograph - our woodpecker is back and digging out treats from our pecan tree. He typically arrives when fall gets here and then again when spring is hitting us. Though I have enjoyed some cold weather (and snow even though I had to see that out of state, I count it), I do enjoy wearing short sleeves and shorts and sitting outside on the back deck. I have to enjoy this before the 95 degree weather comes along, right??

Sign of Spring


Mattexian said...

The woodpeckers are pretty active here too, as of late. Today I looked up and noticed our oaks are busting out in pollen pods and new leaves, as are the wisteria vines. I just took the dogs out for the evening run, and saw that at least one of the geckos survived the winter- yay! (There was a colony of them that hung out above the light overlooking the backyard, as it was warmer there from the light, and it attracted bugs for them to eat. I was worried about the hard freeze getting them this last month.)

ThiĂȘn said...

I miss wisteria. We don't have any but I grew up in NC with it all over.

Mattexian said...

We've got a lot that my wife wants chopped down before it goes crazy this summer. I could send ya some! ;)