Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Camo Lizard

Holdman Honey Divide 30-July-11 5

Anybody know what kind of lizard this is? He was very fast when he saw me coming and I barely caught sight of him before he dashed up the tree truck and went up pretty high. He changed colors very quickly which I thought was pretty neat. I spotted him while I was visiting a friend out in the country.


Keith Alan K said...

Sceloporous olivaceous--Texas Spiny Lizard. Looks like a male.

A very fast, smart, and careful animal, with obviously excellent camoflage. Has a 3rd eye on top of it's head under the scales--supposedly if you cover it with black tape it won't be able to find it's way home. I've had several as pets including a female that laid a bunch of eggs, forcing me to build an incubator and hatch the babies.

Thiên said...

Thanks, Keith! He sure was fast.