Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Repurposed Nursery

Dusk in the green house at the Farm Bee Yard
Not too long ago, the Schulz Nursery opened a location in Seguin on Highway 123 and we were happy they did. We always enjoyed visiting their Marion location. Unfortunately, their Seguin location has since closed and we were sad to see the pretty property sit unused. Then, an organic farmer (My Father's Farm) moved his business there and leased the property and asked us to move our hives along with them. It's been a good location for us, easy to get to and fast shot from home (about 10 minutes at most). I like to visit Mark and David when they check and work on the bees out there. It's so peaceful and at the same time, it's always just a touch spooky to me. I always think that the abandoned greenhouses would make a superb place to film a scary, suspenseful flick. :) Just not when I'm there alone. Not that I plan on being there alone anytime soon.

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