Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Granma & Granpa

Horse mint

Mark heard from his cousin today about his uncle, who is elderly and is now living with family since Mark's aunt passed away. He's on my mind so I wanted to write about him and Mark's aunt. We call them Granma and Granpa and they lived in Burnet, north of here, past Austin and Marble Falls. It's so lovely up there and we used to love visiting Granma and Granpa. In the brief 12 years I have known them, I have grown to love them so and I miss our times together.

We'd head up there and enjoy a day or two of talking, walking out in the fields, tending to bees, playing a board game Granma just LOVED (she'd have the board waiting for us), eating great home cooking, swimming and just being together. They are quite a pair and it's hard when times change and we get older and we lose loved ones. I still miss Granma a lot. But memories of her also make me smile.

This is horse mint and we haven't seen much of it around here this year due to the lack of rain. Bees just love this and since Mark and Granpa kept bees together and even sold honey under their own label years ago, I wanted to dedicate this post to them. I love to hear their bee stories and it always makes me wish I had been there with them.


Tammy said...

What a sweet tribute and an absolutely GORGEOUS photo!

Dan said...

Hi Thien,

Lovely pic, really sharp. You have done a great job on these.

Transitions in life can be very very hard. It is sad to see love ones go. Be joyful for the years that you guys have had to spend together.

I sometimes get sad when I think I will someday leave my loved ones but I know that I will ultimately be spending eternity with them.

Thiên said...

Thanks Tammy and Dan. I know you're right Dan, we do have eternity together and so the every is so small compared to that. I try to remember that.