Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mockingbird Activity

Mockingbird side view

About a week ago, I said that one of the baby mockingbirds was dead in the yard and that I didn't know if there might be more. Well, we've seen plenty of activity this past week to indicate that there may be more in the nest given the number of times Smokey has been chirped at and buzzed.

Today I snapped several shots of our bird duo scolding Smokey because he was sitting on the porch, too close to their crepe myrtle I guess. It was really interesting. The one bird (pictured above) perched on the redbud tree and chirped loudly at the cat, who was watchful but not stalking. Then I noticed another bird on a wire up high, with a morsel of food in its mouth. I think this one was guarding us so the other one could get to the nest. Very fascinating to watch. Only when I uploaded these photos and zoomed in did I realize this bird's also got something in his beak as well!

Here's a shot of one of the birds in the nest, which is up too high even for Mark to get a good look. I've been trying to get a good shot of the birds in there for a while now. Glad I could see the eye at least on this one.

Snug as a bug up in the nest

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