Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Riverside Cemetery Cross

Cross in color

This past weekend, I went with Mark to visit the Riverside Cemetery, which I have posted about before back in March. It's a neat old cemetery that is in the care of the City. I checked the City of Seguin site and you can see a .pdf map of the cemetery on their page.

We were there looking so we could snap some photos of a family plot for a lady who had contacted Mark. It's always feels like an adventure when we do things like that and I really enjoy helping him whenever I can. He's still working away on his book. Hi honey!

I had several other cool shots from our visits to the Riverside Cemetery and the San Geronimo Cemetery so I will share them this week. There's a certain peacefulness we experienced as we walked around exploring headstones and grounds. I also enjoy stories Mark would share with me of well known families in Seguin -- fascinated stories he learned from all his local history research. Very interesting.

I'm in Iowa Falls tonight -- it's so pretty here! Everything is so green and the corn fields are FULL and lush. I sure wish I could take some of this back to us in Seguin. :) Tomorrow we will head to Des Moines after work. Talk to you then! Goodnight.


C and C Mommy said...

That cemetary is right behind my house....it is very quiet and peaceful...and you can learn a lot about Seguin!!

C and C Mommy said...

Thien-our backyard is Riverside cemetary. It is so cool--a little eerie at night but neat during the day!! You can learn so many cool things in cemetaries.

E said...

How funny, I wanted to stop and take some photos at an old 'country' cemetary out towards Nixon this past Saturday and my daughter said "NOOOOO!", so I didn't stop. But I want to take some old cemetary shots. I think they're awesome. Looking forward to your photos this week. =0)