Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Vote Counted!

Voting site

We went and voted! I hope you did also. I love living in a small town like Seguin. I've lived and voted in big cities and now I fully appreciate a voting site three blocks from home where I can park right out front and have seven or eight voting officials waiting to help me. It rocks!

At our voting site, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, you can vote electronically or on traditional paper ballots if you wish. Both are offered and the officials really have always been very nice and helpful. Now, I shall go join Mark, who is flipping between the Spurs/Mavs game and voting results.

Me voting!


Tammy said...

Good for you! I voted on an early voting day last week. Wasn't it handy that I work at a place that's a temporary polling site?!

E said...

I voted last week as well at the early voting. Good for you!

babooshka said...

Good for you for voting

Kris said...

There was a state election held the week that I moved down to Hobart (oddly enough, there was a Federal election the following week too). Anyway, not knowing the city, I rang the helpline to ask where there nearest polling booth was. The woman asked for my address I told her, and she laughed and said, "look out the window", so I did. She asked, "can you see a church hall?" I answered that I could, and she said, "there's your nearest polling booth!"

Nice and easy!