Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Blooming

Purple bloom 1

The weather has been gorgeous lately but the allergens are still bothering lots of people. Plus I think there is some bug going around b/c several people I know are sort of down with a slight fever, stomach aches, general aches, sore throat, etc. I slept most of yesterday since I just felt wiped out. Today I'm much better but Mark's kind of sickly. Poor thing.

So, despite the cold nights, we still have a few blooms hanging around including the mystery purple flower on the vine. I can't remember what the name of it is. We bought it hoping it would climb along our fence in order to block out the neighbor's big ol' trash bin. It's still trying to spread itself out so maybe by next year. We also have a few yellow blooms left on the Esperanza as well.

Esperanza 2

I'm enjoying the camera a great deal and am learning how to use it better with more manual controls. I updated the firmware (1.03) and it fixed the processing problem so that is no longer an issue. If anything, it really revved up the processing, uploading, and general operation of the camera. I am glad b/c I had decided if the firmware didn't fix that problem, the camera would probably need to go back. I took the cam to the Spurs game last Friday against the Rockets (yay, we actually won!) and then I also practiced some moon shots (still need some more practice). I'll try and post some this week.


Frankie / Nick said...

A stunning floral display!

E said...

Only in Texas, huh?! =0)

JM said...

Both bloomings are beautiful, but the 1st one is fantastic!

Kris said...


Dan said...

These are fantastic. I haven't seen too many around here but have been beset by allergies for the last couple of weeks. This is the first time I have had this problem so at first I thought it was a cold or something. I finally seem to be getting better.