Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bees Get Thirsty, Too.

Bees drinking water

I believe we are on day fifty-two or -three of our blazing hot 100+ days. As I write this, Mark says the temperature is 103! 103 at 5:18 p.m. is just too much. This makes me think back to when I lived in NC. It'd be time to gear up for school and though it was hot, we knew that within twenty or thirty days, cooler weather would arrive. Then the beautiful fall. Hmm...not here I'm afraid.

Friday night we actually did get about ten minutes worth of a good downpour so that was very nice though we need many more of those to fight the drought. I haven't given an update on the bees in a little bit and Alan's comment about the beehouse made me think I should write about them.

Here they are doing something that astonished me, and to be honest, mesmorizes me everytime I go out in the backyard -- they are drinking water! Have you ever thought about the fact that they do that? And have you seen them do it? I enjoy watching them because I'm amazed they found the water bucket we left out for Smokey since he's outside so much. All day, you can find at least several of them drinking from there and it's pretty cool to watch. If you want to see a video, you can watch this clip. I have other bee clips there as well. Enjoy!

Drinking bees


Ackworth born said...

o i can barely look at this - i was waiting at the bus stop the other day and the lady next to me got stung on the ankle by a wasp.

Thiên said...

Yikes, yes those wasp stings are nasty. Hornets, yellow jackets...bad news for sure. I react rather badly to those. I've only had two bee stings and both in the past year. The first did not affect me more than slight swelling and discomfort. The second required a visit to ER. :)