Saturday, August 22, 2009

Workshop and Beehouse

That's going to be a 16x20 workshop.

Tuff Shed paid us a visit this past Friday and Mark now has his workshop/beehouse in the yard! Ready for customizing. I had to work so Mark had the camera to document the event for me. It's incredible that a 16 by 20 foot shop will be made from that bed of materials the guys brought to the house.

Tuff Shed guys

When I saw this shot, the first thing that came to mind was that it'd be a great dance floor. :) Just kidding. The guys were grateful for the solid foundation on which they built up the workshop. Most of the time, people don't prep for their new building so it makes the guys' jobs more challenging. I'm very impressed with Mark's work because I know that workshop is not going anywhere. Good job, honey.

Mark's new workshop/beehouse

And the finished product! I love it and can't wait to see how Mark finishes it out. Smokey loves hanging out underneath, naturally. Steps will be placed and then tables need to be built inside. First priority -- the beehouse part! I can't wait to see how the honey extraction works.


AlanDP said...

We have an old, maybe antique extractor that belonged to a grand-uncle of mine. It's manual, and does only two frames at a time. It takes two people to work it because one person has to hold it down while the other person cranks it or it would sling itself off the table.

We always rob the bees on site, with the extractor on the tailgate of the truck. We never had enough food around where we lived, so we had them scattered all over the place. My dad is down to only one or two hives now, though. When I was a teenager we had about a dozen and would spend all summer robbing bees, and then hire ourselves out to rob bees for other people who didn't want to do the work.

Thiên said...

Hi Alan, I enjoyed reading about your honey robbing memories. :) Made me laugh to think about that extractor slinging around. I haven't harvested before so I'm eager to see how it all works.