Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Prettiness

Purple Passion Vine 1

This time the prettiness was photographed on my drive home. Right around the corner from us on Camp Street is this great big mass of vines and on the vines are some of the most amazing flowers you'll ever see. I have been wanting to stop and shoot these for some time (like every year they bloom for the past 3 or 4 years) and yesterday I decided it was time. And the lighting was nice I thought.

I love the vibrant colors. With all the rain, everything is so green, so lush. And the layers, textures and numerous elements of these flowers just amaze me. There are different varieties in different colors. If I could find one potted, I would take my mom one. She has such a green thumb and I think she'd love the uniqueness of this. Do you know what it is? (Without clicking on my Flickr b/c I put the name there.)

Purple Passion Vine 2


Paty said...

very nice captures! i love passion flower, i have it in my garden, but it´s a little bit different.

Bookbanshee said...

You can get a potted one for your mom, but you'll have to wait until spring. You can buy them at Home Depot, Shultz's, Green Gate and probably even Walmart in the spring.