Monday, October 05, 2009

Pink Flamingos & Some Honey

Float of Flamingos

Hello everyone, I have two pictures for you today. The pink flamingos just make me happy because I love pink and on Saturday, when it was all dreary, the burst of color along College Street really brightened the day!

Mark and I worked on our bee business a bit this weekend and had so much fun! We have launched a new blog (check out Gretchen Bee Ranch and see what you think), designed a special tag and packaged some of the honey we are selling. I probably won't blog much about the bees on this blog anymore now that they have their very own site. I just love the way the honey looks with the natural lighting.

Guadalupe County Honey


Hilda said...

Gotta love that pink! And those flamingos! And for a worthy cause too.

Your honey has such a deep golden color, it's gorgeous! Wishing you much success with the business!

Antjas said...

Hilda is right, the color of the honey is amazing. Our honey was almost was golden from the white clover the bees visited. What flowers do your bees visit to get these deeper tones? I imagine the flavor is different as well.

Antjas said...

Just visited your bee blog and got my answer!

Thiên said...

Thank you ladies! We are really enjoying the fruits of their labor. Delicious. Hopefully next year will yield an even more abundant harvest!

Kris said...

So it isn't just Australia with the pink ribbons!

It's a great cause.

Thiên said...

Totally, Kris.