Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Preparedness

Valentine Center

Are you ready for tomorrow? If not, you should get in your car and head over HEB on Court Street. Along the way, you will see vendors selling flowers, perfume, gift baskets, balloons and who knows what else. I saw all of that as I drove to HEB to pick up some groceries and flowers for Tet tomorrow. These are shots at the store - there were a lot of folks looking and buying Valentine's Day goodies. I liked the orchids they had (right side of the top shot). Cupid was good to me and brought my flowers early :-). Thanks hon!

Edible gifts


Mattexian said...

They had one of those tables set up inside our HEBplus, we picked up a tray of the strawberry-cream cheese mini-tarts and some strawberry coffee cake. Both are very good, tho my vote goes wit the mini-tarts!

Thiên said...

Man, I wish we had the HEB Plus here! The mini-tarts sound yummy.