Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Recollect Their Names

Flyer for Mark's library presentation

Hi everyone. I have been down with some health issues lately so I'm not publishing regularly but I just had to share this bit of news with you in case you can join us tomorrow night at the local library. This is Mark's second presentation and it ties in with the book #2 he's been working on about how to use different types of records to confirm the identities of individuals being researched. He's presented this one already in Corpus Christi and San Antonio and those went very well. It's always exciting for me to see how he helps other researchers find new avenues to explore in order to get beyond roadblocks they may have encountered.

I'm feeling better and plan to be at this event so I hope you will be there, too! If you are, please be sure to introduce yourself if we haven't met. I love to meet new people who follow the blog. Well, I just love to meet new people anyway, even if they don't read the blog. :-)


Hope said...

Wish I could attend, Thien!
Will be looking at your blog regarding the event.

Be well!!


Anonymous said...


Louis la Vache said...

We're happy to read you are feeling better!