Monday, March 01, 2010

Nice Napping Weather

Resting and waiting

Hi everyone. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the lovely weather of the weekend since we are now cloudy and cold again. What strange weather. This is Smokey's idea of how to work with a beautiful sunny day. He got tired of sitting at the door, hoping Mark would let him in to hang out in the bee house. The next time I looked out the kitchen window, he was napping. He's a riot. But not very bright at times as he chose a terrible spot for a snooze.

I haven't posted lately because I haven't had the heart. Last Friday, we had a big round of layoffs at work and it was very sad. I lost my entire team of trainers and I miss them so. Please send positive thoughts and prayers out to all the families affected by this round of layoffs. It wasn't our first there but it was a very significant one, especially for our IT department. If you are local, you've probably been hearing about the layoffs already. We are all still a bit stunned by all that occurred Friday. :-(

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Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» understands your grief over the is not an easy time; the uncertain economy is not helped by the dolts in Washington...

Smokey is telling everyone that the door can't be used until nap time is over.