Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Wildflowers

Red field of flowers

The flowers are starting to really pop around here and I can't wait to see how they develop over the next month. The rainy winter should really be just what they need to shine this year. I love looking at all of them! I have not seen these red flowers in such quantity before this year. If you know what they are, please let us know. :-)

Red wildflowers


C said...

i haven't had the chance to stop by in awhile and am so happy to see all your lovely flowerly photos! i am really missing texas in the spring...

jmp0187 said...

Very pretty picture. I think those flowers are Drummond's Phlox. The purple flowers are a type of vetch. It is a little hard to tell because I can not see much of the stem of the flower. Beautiful picture none the less.

In your travels around the area, have you noticed any fields of bluebonnets? I would love to take my kids for a drive to see them.



Thiên said...

Well thank you, ladies. I am loving the flowers though I have yet to see a big explosion of bluebonnets just yet around here. They are sprinkled everywhere, however. I'll let you know, Julie.