Monday, March 15, 2010

More of Spring in Blooms

Bee in Peach Blossom

Another shot of spring for you this week. The peach tree in our backyard bloomed and we were very happy to see bees on the tree! In past years, the bees simply didn't do the job for our little tree, sadly. Maybe this will mean good peaches this year for us. :-) We don't have our hives in the yard anymore (moved to another bee yard), so I'm not sure where this little gal came from this day.

It's been really great weather lately with spring in full swing it seems. Flowers are everywhere and trees are putting out little leaves. I enjoyed our nice winter this year but I am also enjoying the spring. Tonight we are to have some rain and tomorrow will be in the upper 50s but after that...more sunshine! That's great for lifting spirits I think. We could all use a lot of that, right?! Hope you all have a great week.