Thursday, March 18, 2010

Redbud Beauty

Bee in Redbud

Yes, I realize there's a theme going here but who can blame me when there's a million blooming beauties all around town now?? This redbud is right in our front yard but as you drive around town, you will see this along with other gorgeous blooms. Today I even saw my first batch of Bluebonnets along Interstate 10 on the way to San Antonio.

In this shot, the female bee is checking out our redbud and she already has pollen on her hind legs, which she'll take back to a hive. That hive isn't in our backyard so I wonder where she's from. The entire tree is abuzz with bee activity! We have another redbud in the backyard and that's full of bees also.


Louis la Vache said...

Welcome signs of spring after a "What Global Warming?" winter!

Carolyn said...

Such a lovely plant. I saw a couple of them blooming by the freeway yesterday. Always reminds me of the highway entrance to Yosemite, which is lined with redbud.

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