Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gorgeous Day after a Cloudy Week

Pink roses from the backyard
(These are tiny blooms from our bush but they are packed with sweet fragrance!)

Today was absolutely gorgeous here in Seguin after what seems like two weeks of mostly to all cloudy days, one after another. And there was a ton of activities in the community I noticed as I drove around on errands. We had a fundraising BBQ plate event at church and I know friends whose church is also having a festival this weekend. Then there was the Trade Days event along with Farmers' Market and we think an Earth Day event, too. All at one time. BUT...I still made time to enjoy sitting on the deck for a bit with Smokey, who was snoozing. It looked so comfortable I plopped down next to him but in the sun to soak it in. The breeze was PERFECT - no humidity. Gosh, if we had this sort of weather more often, then I'd never dream of another state with four seasons! :-)

Smokey snoozing on deck

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Lynette said...

Gorgeous flowers, wonderful sleeping Smokey. Neat to look at some of your other posts, too!