Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swarm Season

Brushing bees off the AC unit

Normally this picture would likely go on our bee blog, but I felt you should know that we are expecting an active season of swarming this year. Mark has spoken with our fire chief and he is ready for it and so are we! The other day Mark got his first call to go out and see about a big swarm of bees at a local business. I was able to join him during lunch and I caught a few snaps of the swarm capture. Then I got a great lunch at Shrimp Barn on top of the excitment. It was so much fun to tag along for that!

Just so you know, most of the time during swarms, bees are actually pretty gentle. You should NOT panic and assume they're going to attack because more than likely they won't. Mark taught me that. If you want to see just how gentle they are, be sure to see the video we put on our bee blog where Mark's about a foot away from a big swarm out at one of our bee yards. Just call the authorities and if you're in town, they'll probably call Mark. Then we'll get to meet you!

Good night! :-)


Steffe said...

I'm glad Mark knows what he is doing!

Thiên said...

Me too, Steffe!

AlanDP said...

I helped my dad capture several swarms through the years. We got a lot of free bees that way.

Thiên said...

We are enjoying it so far, Alan. :-)