Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More Spring Blooms

Yucca blooms

Things continue to bloom all around town and out in the country. This is a yucca plant and when they are in bloom, they are so gorgeous - I just want to stop and stare at them. The blooms are huge and abundant as you can see but for some reason, the bees don't seem to be interested in them. Not sure why.

You'll also notice the mesquite are finally coming out now. Mark was a little worried about them since they seemed a little late but we're happy they are catching up just fine. The flowers are amazing around here - full of color and vibrancy. We went driving Sunday evening and I had a lovely time soaking in the variety of blooms in the countryside. Flowers make everything look beautiful...even a dirty ditch!


Tuano said...

Hey sis,
Thank you for those beautiful photos of the flowers. It's wonderful to tend the hives and able to take a few minutes to enjoy nature at the same time. This is a wonderful life.
Anh Hai

Thiên said...

Thanks, Anh. I agree and I try to really soak in each moment I have in nature and with Mark. I'd spend more time outside but 2 hours is about the maximum before the allergies kill me. :-(