Saturday, May 22, 2010

Family Project

Daddy in DC

Tribute to my parents continue! :-) This is my dad and he still has the same smile now that he did back then. What struck me in this shot is how much like my dad my oldest brother looks! Whoa. I'm over halfway done with the scanning project - woohoo! My deadline is coming fast so I'm glad I got over the hump.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hot, humid, wonderful.


Mattexian said...

Neat pictures! Always interesting to take a trip back thru time like this. I've noticed my relatives looking more and more like their older family members: my cousin looking like my uncle, my uncle looking like my grandpa. Same with guys I went thru Scouts with, who I've reconnected with on Facebook. One guy looks a hell of a lot like his dad. Even I see it in the mirror, which is why I don't grow a mustache; I tried several years ago, and when it grew out enough, I looked too much like my dad, so I shaved it off and haven't let it grow back again!

It'll only stay a wonderful weekend if I stay inside with the AC.

Thiên said...

You are so right on the familial resemblances...I see more and more of each of us in each other, esp. our parents! :-)

The humidity and heat and possibly the allergens did me in yesterday afternoon after a morning working on the bamboo. Headache the rest of the day nearly. sigh...and I have a little planting I want to get in today!