Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rusty Rooster

Rusty Rooster on Court Street

Last night we finally tried out Rusty Rooster, the newest little restaurant in Seguin. Love the name and the decor there! I was tickled pink by all the hens they had on display in one form or another. The fried chicken was awesome - moist and tasty, as were the biscuits and okra. It is always nice to have another new eating option in our little town. And I am such a HUGE fried chicken fan, I'm thrilled they opened.

Hope you are all doing well and that you're enjoying the Christmas week. I love this time of year despite this year flying by and dragging me along. :-)

Rusty Rooster inside

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Kris said...

From the (almost) very bottom of the World down here in Tasmania, I wish you a very Merry Christmas/Yule/Jul/Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice/Amaterasu/Brumalia/ Deygān/Dōngzhì/Hanukkah/Hogmanay/Jonkonnu/Korochun/Kolyada/koleda/Wren day/Lenæa/Meán Geimhridh/Lohri/Midvinterblót/Modranicht/Mummer's Day/Rozhanitsa Feast/Şewy Yelda/Soyalangwul/Ziemassvētki/Āshūrā/Ras as-Sana al-Hijreya or whatever festival you choose to celebrate!

If you’re opting out this year, have a great time in the next few weeks and keep up the good work!