Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mockingbird, mockingbird!


We have two mockingbirds that have built their nest in our crepe myrtle in the front yard for several years now. This is the first year we have actually seen some little birdies hatch! Our poor kitty Smokey has suffered through two weeks of harrassment from the parenting birds. He couldn't walk three steps in the back yard without one of the parents swooping down to let him know they didn't appreciate him. I don't think he was even aware of the babies! Or maybe he was. My husband said that he let Smokey out one day and he immediately went to sit underneath the nest. I'm sure the parents REALLY didn't appreciate that.

I heard odd chirping and looked out to see this cute little fellow hopping around with mommy bird watching closely from above. I don't think he could fly yet so he hopped. She fed him a bit here and there. It was very sweet to witness.

I think the nest is empty now so Smokey can roam the yard in peace again!

I'm on vacation starting tomorrow through the end of the month. Traveling to New York so if I don't get to post, my apologies ahead of time. Will try to catch up upon my return. Bye everyone.

Pics of mommy bird and Smokey


Annie said...

When you return maybe your little birdies will have "flown the nest". That may be sadness for you but your cat will likely be happy to have freedom outside again.

Kala said...

wow thien! U have two photo blogs!! where is Seguin located? Hope u have a nice trip!!!